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Genesis Land & Waterscapes

Servicing Durango, Colorado Since 2003

Genesis Land & Waterscapes takes pride in our professional landscaping, water features, xeriscape designs and construction. Therefore, we are deeply passionate about providing your outdoor space with quality designs. Likewise, we have been dedicated to servicing Durango, Colorado and Four Corners area since 2003. Our services include:

Professional landscapes Design, Construction and Maintenance

Native, Natural, Xeric Landscapes

Clean, Low Maintenance Modern Designs

Custom Hardscapes: Patio, Stairs, Pathways and Retaining Walls

Water Feature Specialists: Experienced Innovative Designs for Ponds, Waterfalls, Streambeds and Fountains


I enjoy providing land use planning and design for our many unique environments and clients. Therefore, my goal is to find the right combination of features to create a beautiful landscape and outdoor livable spaces that are right for the client’s aesthetics and use.

Custom Hardscapes

Working with stone has always been a great passion for us. For this reason, we believe dry stack rock work can be some of the most beautiful and functional parts of your landscape. Moreover, we utilize a variety of manufactured products to create clean, modern landscapes.


The element of water within a landscape can be magical. Undoubtedly, a small fountain, a waterfall, cascading streambed or large pond, can provide the sights and sounds of water that are irreplaceable.


Water conservation is a priority in many of our local environments. Within a native and xeric plant select, there is an abundant variety of trees and plants to offer year-round interest. Additionally, there is also a great variety of stone and mulch materials to be utilized as xeric ground covers to replace those weeds and lawn. As a result, Xeriscapes are often the lowest maintenance landscapes.

Custom Rock Art

Imagining and creating different forms of rock art is a joy of mine.  A free standing stone arch has been one of my more exciting creations.  However, I’ve also had the pleasure of  building and installing, rock cairns, flagstone spheres, large totems, wood and stone mixed structures and many utilitarian items such as tables, benches and even bike racks.

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